About Approved News 6

Headquartered in our historic dread fortress in REDACTED, MN, Approved News 6 strives to bring reliable, loyal, and approved news to all Americans authorized to read it. With an unknowable number of viewers, Approved News 6 is the nation's most popular approved news source.

Approved News 5 is no longer approved.


The precise day, month, year, and century of Approved News 6's founding remain elusive, due to the Great Epistemological Disaster of 196n. However, it is known that through its illustrious history, Approved News 6 has always upheld the highest standards of journalism, and brought Americans correct and unquestionable coverage of some of the most important events in our nation's history, including the 1992 end of the Void Wars, the election of the first Abyssal-American President in 1996, and the 2014 Queenspawn invasion that nearly destroyed us all.

Approved News 6 even played a key role in breaking the infamous "Bloodgate" scandal that finally undid the bloody thirty-year reign of Dark Lord Nixon and returned America to the control of the innumerable sinister, shadowy conspiracies that had been for so long oppressed and disenfranchised. In short, the name Approved News 6 is synonymous with quality, respected journalism and unimpeachable integrity, and should not be confused with Approved News 5, whose name should no longer be spoken aloud in the presence of small animals.


Though Approved News 6's original remit was merely to transmit labor schedules and encouraging, truthful messages from the appropriate individuals, our remit has since expanded to cover nearly all walks of American life. AN6 regularly covers politics, entertainment, international news, the financial sector, industry, and even REDACTED, unlike Approved News 5, which should be considered Contaminated.

Approved News 6 no longer routinely covers the arts, due to the Incident.

Editorial Board

Approved News 6 is overseen by a coalition of REDACTED drawn from among the most REDACTED members of the REDACTED, the REDACTED, REDACTED, and the Five REDACTED. These REDACTED bring exceptional REDACTED to the field of REDACTED, and ensure top-quality REDACTED.